Is world peace possible? We say yes! Inspired by John Lennon’s 1969 Amsterdam-based bed-in to highlight World Peace, BedTalks is Europe’s largest free-entry, free-thinking event that connects extraordinary people working on positive change in the world. From an African Nobel Peace prize winner to a 90-year-old WWII fighter pilot legend, to a young South Korean culture-changing student, BedTalks offers a platform that allows game-changers to further propel their ideas, their initiatives and their projects by inviting them to engage in conversations with each other, inspire each other, learn from each other, and commit to new collaborations and support and encourages all visitors to actively add to the conversations with their own ideas, expertise and experiences. How did this crazy idea come about? Read on!

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#350 to date

#34: Refugee Camps On Lesvos

Made a commitment to fly to Lesvos Greece alongside Adil Izemrane (Co-founder, Movement on the Ground foundation) to photograph the reality of the refugee camps on the island. More about the results: Learn More

Sebastian Gil Miranda
Sony World Photographer of the Year

#74: Bike Ride Across Asia

Charlie MacGregor supported Jaehoon Cho, a previous student at The Student Hotel, bike ride across Asia to meet inspired individuals and drive awareness to the Stella Foundation, an organization devoted to fighting against depression in South Korea. Watch Video

Charlie MacGregor
Founder The Student Hotel

All Events

BedTalks Florence 2018

This time we’re hosting the festival in the inspirational, newly opened The Student Hotel Florence.. Explore

The Student Hotel | Florence
June 7th 2018

BedTalks Barcelona 2018

For the first time, BedTalks lands on Spanish soil: Barcelona! Explore

The Student Hotel | Barcelona
April 19th 2018

BedTalks Maastricht 2018

Stunning The Student Hotel Maastricht will host our 4th BedTalks…Explore

The Student Hotel | Maastricht
March 2nd 2018

BedTalks Eindhoven 2017

A day full of interactive workshops and intimate bedroom chats with extraordinary local Eindhoven figures.. Explore

The Student Hotel | Eindhoven
April 20th 2017

BedTalks Groningen 2016

The Student Hotel hosted the second edition of BedTalks in Groningen where we gathered extraordinary local figures.. Explore

The Student Hotel | Groningen
Sept 29th 2016

BedTalks Amsterdam 2016

Soundbites from the 60 movers and shakers who delivered a Bed Talk or Talk Show at Amsterdam Hotel grand opening.. Explore

The Student Hotel | Amsterdam City
April 15th 2016







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